13 June 2011

the Love Boat though.....that's another story

I was on sick leave for three days doing the convalescence thing well for two and not so well on the last day. In frustration, I put on my best 2 year old attitude, slammed some doors and stomped to the laundry to fetch my sewing gear. 

The Husband found me grumbling away to myself with fabric all over the dining table, cotton thread in my hair and the dogs cowering in the corner. Very attractive. I was on a mission. Sick or not, I couldn't stand another episode of MacGyver (the Love Boat though....that's another story altogether). 

I found this fabric on sale and it would have been a crime to walk away without it. I have said this many a time to The Husband and as the stash is bursting from its meagre confines I thought it best to put some of those sale items to good use. I started off with a design by Amy Schimler and well....ended up with this instead. 

I feel better for having completed this one. There were a few mishaps along the way but I got there in the end. Nothing that my trusty un-picker couldn't deal with. Bless it's little cotton unpicking ways. I am calling this one It's a Hoot......Patty x

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