13 June 2011

the Love Boat though.....that's another story

I was on sick leave for three days doing the convalescence thing well for two and not so well on the last day. In frustration, I put on my best 2 year old attitude, slammed some doors and stomped to the laundry to fetch my sewing gear. 

The Husband found me grumbling away to myself with fabric all over the dining table, cotton thread in my hair and the dogs cowering in the corner. Very attractive. I was on a mission. Sick or not, I couldn't stand another episode of MacGyver (the Love Boat though....that's another story altogether). 

I found this fabric on sale and it would have been a crime to walk away without it. I have said this many a time to The Husband and as the stash is bursting from its meagre confines I thought it best to put some of those sale items to good use. I started off with a design by Amy Schimler and well....ended up with this instead. 

I feel better for having completed this one. There were a few mishaps along the way but I got there in the end. Nothing that my trusty un-picker couldn't deal with. Bless it's little cotton unpicking ways. I am calling this one It's a Hoot......Patty x

22 May 2011

He had to have one

I made this Robot cushion for my nephew Sebastian; he is too small to realise what it is just yet but I have faith that he will name and enjoy his Robot at some point!  The sewing took some time and patience, and tested my accuracy - so I have come to the conclusion that I need more practice.
Whilst sewing the details of the Robot for Sebastian, my other half took notice and decided that he had to have one.  So, after many discussions with him it was agreed that he would get an identical Robot cushion and I would get more practice.
So, Charlie the Robot was born - as named by his new adult owner - and he now sits on our sofa.
The twins can be seen together below.....Jane x.

8 May 2011

Little Zara

The Autumn Flower Dress has now been completed.  This one is single sided, in corduroy with three flowers appliquéd in primary colours. Each flower is finished with a felt centre giving it a different texture. These flowers took some thought, they were rehashed a few times, but the result was great.  Little Zara’s mum and dad love it.....Jane x

5 May 2011


My fabric has arrived from the States. Yeeehaaa. It’s a Petit Village Fat Quarter Bundle from Timeless Treasures Fabrics http://www.ttfabrics.net/index.shtml (purchased through The Fat Quarter Shop) and I lurve it. I can’t wait to use it but I need to spend more time with my sketch pad before a pair of scissors gets anywhere near it. OMG, OMG, OMG…..Patty x

28 April 2011

without adult supervision

I think the first thing I made was an apron in my Year 7 Home Economics class. After that it was a lamp shade and then, well, I cant recall as the classes werent that exciting. <Jane adds: "I did an apron too.  Followed by a cushion which still sits unfinished (didn’t want to put the ruffles on it) in my Holly Hobby sewing box from Year 9!! :)>

I grew up around piles of fabric and the hum of the sewing machine; Mum was a keen sewer. However, I never ventured there thinking I was lacking in creativity, so I threw all my energies into sport. Now that I am a little older and much slower I think the creative gene is starting to dominate. 

I started sewing lessons 18 months ago and it wasnt long before I realised that I had a passion for quilts and embroidery. I find the hand stitching cathartic and a finished block always leaves me feeling like I have accomplished a great task. As much as I appreciate the traditional quilts, I find myself drawn to the modern designs and bold fabrics that are perfect for the little ones in our lives.

This quilt is my third one and is called Freebird, designed by MoMo for Moda http://www.unitednotions.com/un_main.nsf/momo. I made this using thicker fabrics and smaller stitches thinking it was the ideal shape for a play mat for a little baby. Its not quite finished just yet as it needs the binding to be attached. 1 hour in front of the TV should do it. 

This is the first project I started at home, on my own and without adult supervision. It is very simple but sweet all the same. I appliquéd the butterfly on this one and hand quilted Leas name. It took a little longer to do this way but I wanted to add that personal touch that machine quilting just cannot do. Jane made reference to this one in her blog dated 28 April and it should already be in the post and on its way to the UK. My bad.

This quilt is for the gorgeous Marlo who just turned 1. He is an amazing little treasure belonging to a fabulous couple <Sonia and Bart I hope you like it>. I stumbled my way through this one so it took a little longer than I anticipated and more fabric ended up in my remnants box than it did in the quilt. To see it come together as it did was so exciting. An accidental genius I think I am! Ha. I love the little Martians on the back too. Very cute.

I am working on a fairly large project right now and have 4½ weeks in which to complete it. Will I have it done in time for Sienas birthday? Fingers and toes crossed. Ill keep you posted.
Patty. x

Does that mean we have gone Global?!

These Little A-line dresses can be either reversible (two for the price of one; OK, maybe a bit more than one!) or standard/single.

The Fancy Flower dress was made specifically for our 3 year old niece Olivia – she wore it the very next day to a party!  The dress is reversible; floral on one side and red with 3 flowers appliquéd on the other……perfect for summer as it is or for winter layered with a multitude of colourful leggings and tops. Little flower buttons finish it off.

Sending Green Spotty dress to a friend in the UK for her 1 year old meant it needed a little more warmth – so a cute corduroy was the logical choice. Again reversible; this time multi-coloured spots enabling various combinations of leggings and tops underneath. It’s in the mail to the UK along with a fantastic green quilt that Patty made and I can’t wait to hear what she thinks! Does that mean we have gone Global?!

The third Little A-line is under way. Again in corduroy, but this will be a standard, something for autumn – photos to follow once it is ready!

I can imagine that I am going to get carried away with these dresses; the aim being that no two are the same. Different colours, textures, appliqués, ooooooh pockets……Jane. x